Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yo Thomaston P.D.! You've Got Crime

Dear Thomaston Police Department:

When are you planning to stop the crime against our free speech occurring on the median strip at the intersection of Routes 1 and 131?

According to a sign there now, five Obama-Biden signs have been stolen from this public space. As a member of the public I ask you to put up a camera in the vicinity and keep the peace on this little political island.

I am certain you are busy with other mischief. Stealing political signs is not mischief; it is criminal. The thief (thieves?) of free speech has five times operated with impunity in your town. Are you not embarrassed?

With Election Day just over a week away emotions have grown strong. The fearmongering and inciting perpetrated by the McCain-Palin camp have pushed otherwise good people to conduct themselves shamefully.

You have the power to limit this behavior. Please do so. Want to borrow my video camera?

Yours truly,

Leola Roberts
(with family in Tenants Harbor)


Alna Dem said...

Good catch, Snoozetska. Why don't local papers (Szkxxxxxxxn... what? Huh?) run a piece or two on this issue? They could take a break from the latest snow plow outrage and educate the citizenry.

Andrea said...

Besides, those Obama signs are expensive--I just paid five bucks (finally) for mine!