Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vote Barack a la Venga Productions

The pair who brought us the living room tune about Sarah Palin has a high energy and amusing vid encouraging us to Vote Barack. Hat tip to local Democratic state senate candidate Peter Drum.


Colonel James Cooper said...

Your youtube posting that trashes Newt is a contemptible piece of slime. My comments won't change your opinions. I consider you only slightly lower than Obama, the product of a white trash slut and a piece of African trash. Ameritopia by Mark Levin describes your incompetent "fearless leader" and how he is wrecking his country. You and your friends at Venga will go through your worthless lives making up lies and half-truths about real patriots and ignoring the faults and crimes of your own coven of Marxist puppets. I served in the military for 28 years to protect your right to dump on and lie about others if you are paid enough. Let's see: you commit outrageous acts of slander and libel and get paid for it. Isn't that the sort of things that "Ho's" do? Exactly!

Lee Roberts said...

Dear Colonel Cooper,
Your post demonstrates too much literacy to be the ravings of a crazy person, though your accusation regarding my sex life touches on a tendency I cannot explain. Your long tenure in the armed services connotes a tendency toward excellent manners and plenty of self-control, so I have to assume this rant, despite its venom toward total strangers, represents your true sentiments rather than some long-pent-up inner demons.

That you missed the fact that this video has nothing to do with Newt Gingrich makes me wonder whether you even watched it, and that you believe I work for Venga or am somehow being remunerated for this one-horse blog makes me think you are not that familiar with how the Internet works.

In any case, thank you for commenting. This blog is a personal blog that mostly people who know me read, so it's novel to hear from someone new.