Saturday, October 4, 2008

News You Can Use; Gratuitous Palin Vid

First, some local information for those in the Midcoast that will put some jingle in your jeans. The Citgo station on Route 1 in Warren was selling regular gasoline yesterday for $3.39. Anyone seen it cheaper? I'm wearing a Jetta-sized groove in Route 1 from Rockland to Wiscasset and haven't seen a better price. Anyone? Anyone?

Next. If you think the winking nincompoop version of Sarah Palin is irritating, try the defensive, excuse-ridden, sanctimonious Sarah Palin:

I hope someone asks her where the Economist is published sometime.

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Anonymous said...

Whomever suggested to her that she add the Economist to her list deserves a prize. We actually do subscribe to it, and it would take just two or three questions to learn if she's ever read it.

For those that have never done it, type in "www dot theeconomist dot com"

Pretty funny.