Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Missed Deadline...gasp! Instead, let's talk about journalism.

So, no North Haven News. I let preparing for April vacation, getting to Florida for April vacation, doing my taxes during my April vacation, deflecting the compulsive overconsumption of my father's partner while on April vacation (does he have to buy everything in the county that is on sale, then talk about it for 10 minutes per item?),  enjoying a bit of April vacation and getting back from April vacation distract me from my appointed duties at the North Haven News.

For that I am sorry. Overwhelmed a bit, and sorry.

In lieu of anything intelligent from me, have a look at this Laurie Penney post on Warren Ellis's blog. Ask yourself, what is the traditional media and given what it is today, what good is it doing?



p.s. Lest anyone think I would let traditional media evaporate, I have three words for you, This American Life.