Thursday, July 30, 2009

TPM Reader Calls Out Beck

With the goofiness surrounding beer brands, picnic tables and the importance of the President, the Professor and the Policeman swigging a brew this evening, let us not ignore the irresponsible commentary Glenn Beck offered up on Fox News recently.

TalkingPointsMemo reader MA offers an excellent analysis including:
This is not Kanye West saying Bush doesn't care about white people, or Michael Moore saying something provocative while a guest on CNN (though I challenge anyone to find Moore saying anything this ugly on anyone's program). This is Rupert's prized employee appearing on his channel, and doing the equivalent of shouting "fire" in a crowded movie house. This is the sort of comment that I might expect to read about in some SPLC missive concerning neo-Nazi websites, or the like. But as uttered by the paid employee of Fox News, on one of the network's shows?

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Andrea said...

huh, wha??? Because a distinguished Harvard professor was arrested on his own front porch for the crime of being black our black president is now a racist??? I fail to follow the logic (oh, yeah, right wing pundits defy all logic). Oh, and let's just forget about 300 years of systematic slavery, apartheid and institutionalized whites against blacks.