Thursday, July 23, 2009

Matinicus Fishermen Get Their Way [Again]

A judge, trying to protect the lobstermen from themselves after a recent shooting, ordered a two-week holiday from lobstering in the waters off Matinicus.

Matinicus lobsterman Joe Bray, who was thick in the last shooting incident a couple years ago--at least that anyone knows about--went to court today and got the two week holiday reduced to a weekend.

The link that shows Bray's involvement in the last drama is to a blog with clips from a Christian Science Monitor article.

The piece of information, or missed information really, I particularly enjoyed reading was Tad (Ira) Miller's concern about Victor Ames (the 2006 shooter) coming close to Miller's boat Mallory Sky. What the CSM reporter failed to mention--probably because no one else did--is that Victor Ames is Miller's father-in-law and the only reason Tad is free to, more years than not, make the most money of any lobstermen in Maine (and therefore the world) is that he married Victor Ames daughter Julie and lives, during the summer and fall, in a Matinicus island house Victor Ames built.


Anonymous said...

You know I thought of that as well interesting how they treat the older people.
Victor has helped alot of people get started in fishing on Matinicus!
Mike Strong got his start thaks to Victor and many others!

Anonymous said...

Victor helpfull... now that's funny!

Anonymous said...

That ain't the only "missed" information. You should really point out the word NOT in NEWS, OR NOT.

snoozetska said...

@ Anonymous #3:

Then please clue us in. I, and my six readers, would be grateful for your insight.

This is an open forum and I do my best to proved accurate, if not perfect, information. I attribute evidence to actual sources, regardless.

Lorraine said...

How cowardly not to leave your name. Lorraine Walker