Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Matinicus Lobstermen Go Postal [Again]

If you have ever imagined you should live on a Maine island for some peace and serenity, think again. At least pick one where the ferry runs more than once a month.

On Matinicus it seems many of your potential neighbors have limited coping skills and worse self-control. They shoot each other over lobsters. Lobsters. Like sneakers and sunglasses only in more picturesque venues.

A perpetual feud over who is allowed to mine the mother lode lobster grounds around Matincus Island boiled over again yesterday when 68 year-old (not 77, BDN) Vance Bunker shot Chris Young in the neck.

Read the comments for a taste of the bitterness and anger.

A Marine Patrol Officer who went out after the fact chalks it up to signs of the times. Money is tight everywhere and these fishermen are facing a winter of living on something less than their usual half-million dollars. Waaaah.

Update, 21.July.09.2106: According to a pretty comprehensive AP article, there will be no lobster fishing for two weeks in Matinicus waters. Hard to tell whether this is good news or bad. Especially since lobstermen have been threatening to "tie up" for weeks now anyway because they say the prices are too low. Maybe there'll be a statewide sympathy "tie up" for those wild Matinicus renegades.


Anonymous said...

Vance Bunker is use to everybody bowing down to him, he has hurt a lot of people in the past and now he went to far and is going to finally get nailed.
I would say from what I read it was attempted murder,other guy unarmed and he went there with a gun!

snoozetska said...

Thanks for the comment Anon.

My source gave some rationale as to why the charge was not attempted murder, though I'm not sure I agree with the decision.

The whole story may never come out given that with several witnesses Bunker's bound to plead.

Anonymous said...

Bunker has driving many from the Island and likes to play the good guy role but he is a no good!
He has turned alot of people against people that have done nothing just that he decided he does not like them.
He is an only child and spoiled so he now has to face the music.
he had it coming.

Anonymous said...

Vance thinks he is King of the Island, doesn't want to give up any power!
He is an asshole!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Vance Bunker getting what he dises out and he is not liking it!