Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some Cold Hard Sad Truth

Just in case you might be feeling some irrational exuberance, here's a Nick Turse article to help you feel the earth's core pulling at us. His waltz through America's current despondence may keep any warm fuzzies at bay for a while.

Read this if you think our country's problems are temporary and can be solved. If they seem interminable and beyond our ken, keep moving, nothing to see here.

My real reason for posting Turse's work is that I want our local papers to do a better job at telling the truth. I expect them to risk controversy and write frankly about our local economy and our neighbors' response to these troubled times.

Writing about the decimated school budgets is one thing; writing about the effects of a nosediving economy on children in marginal schools is another; and telling the real story about what we spend on health care as compared with the dreaded education-tied property tax, a tax that has dropped an average of 22 percent in Maine since 1991, is yet another.

Property taxes are not the issue, folks. I am talking to you Sherwood.

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