Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Globe Updates Boothbay Wave Story

Gee, it's great when media outlets call around, take pictures, talk to experts and interview witnesses. See for yourself.
My favorite quotations:
The cause of it is a mystery. But it's not mysterious that it happened.
National Weather Service meteorologist John Jensenius [charter member of the Master of the Bloody Obvious Club]

It felt like somebody took the plug out somewhere. It felt like there must have been water missing in the ocean someplace.
McSeagull's waitress Elena Smith


Anonymous said...

Snoozes...wasn't yesterday fabulous. All the work paid off and at least the voters didn't hate us after 3 zillion calls.
(This is sort of a Palinism - not addressing the question but speaking directly to you)

snoozetska said...

Oh Pat,

We're floating. I'm going to post a picture that says it all. Hope you have plenty of people with whom to celebrate.

I told Meredith the first thing on her resume should say: Democratic Coordinated Campaign Field Organizer -- Made History

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