Friday, November 21, 2008

Back Amongst the Living

For the first time in three weeks I can taste my tea. I slept through the night, except for the cat needing to be thrown out at 0200, for the first time in a month. Nothing hurts. And I've only coughed three times in the last hour. It feels like a November miracle.

Of course, I have a doctor's appointment this morning. Oy. I am wicked thankful I have a job with health insurance. Too bad I have to give it one second's thought.

Anyone else been dancing with death this fall? Honestly, if I lived in a fireplace heated, 18th century house in Maine undergoing this grippe, I don't know what wouldhave happened. How did our ancestors do it?


Andrea said...

Oh no...I gave you my plague when you brought the mac & sorry, but glad you're recovering. (and now you know why everyone in old graveyards died under the age of 30...except the odd 90-7ear-old patriarch with the iron immune system(

snoozetska said...

No, I had it when I brought lunch. I never had a fever like yours either, just that one day of muscle and joint pain.

I'm still frikking coughing, though. I'd like that to end, like now.