Saturday, September 5, 2009

A New Version of the Matinicus Drama

Finally a reporter managed to get most of the story on recent Matinicus violence straight. The only thing missing is the manipulation of the supposed lobster territory birthright according to gender or just what the heck ever.
p.s. Thanks to Will Fraser of Wicked Good Films for the news story tip.


Anonymous said...

It is all greed on Matinicus, there have been people driven from the Island that have lived there all their lifes.
There are others that have come in and followed the rules bought property and all and still been driven from the Island.
The greedy bullies make up their rules as they go along, now they want a closed bottom!
I say it is unconstitutional!
Maine needs to go the way one guy put it condo the lobster lic and buy and sell the right to fish like Real Estate!

snoozetska said...

You've got no argument from me, Anon. Love the real estate idea. Although we struggle with the concept on several levels, Americans are pretty much supposed to be against birthrights.

Anonymous said...

As to a plaintiff (we're now back to the real world of litigation) a Maine off-islander may be able to bring suit. The Court is clear that discrimination against some segments of a state population is effective discrimination against out-of-staters as well. The Maine off-islander has the requisite personal injury in fact that is caused by the ban, and the ban is redressable by the courts.
Therfore I think the condo of the lobster lic might just work Real estate idea is good it would make it free enterprise, OK by me!