Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sullivan Reader Sees Through the Glass Darkly

Daily Disher and Atlantic Editor Andrew Sullivan does not identify the observant, cogent and alarmingly correct reader who sets us all straight about why we should feel anything close to surprise that the health care debate--among other things--has taken the sickening swerve that it has lately.

This clear-eyed writer argues that Sullivan still sees the U.S. with immigrants' eyes, optimistic and grateful, and scolds him slightly for being subject to dismay as the populists turn out not to act for the people.

An excerpt:
I don't blame you. You came to America after the rise of Reagan. Most of your life in America, you have lived under different Republican presidents who placated these folks with platitudes and campaign rhetoric. The one period when the populist right didn't feel they had a fellow traveler in charge was when Bill Clinton was elected (thanks to the reactionaries splitting their votes). You remember, no doubt, the level of crazy Clinton had to defuse and dodge, and this was a man who had the advantage of being a Southern bubba who has dealt which such people all his life.

The whole thing is worth a read. In fact, despite the complaints of some of my more purist lefty friends, I nearly always find Sullivan's Atlantic work and his blog worth reading. I'm also grateful that this smart reader explains some of my own occasional, and up 'til now semi-mysterious, consternation with Sullivan.

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Lisa K. said...

I read Sullivan compulsively myself, although I have yet to forgive him for his orgasmic enthusiasm over the illegal invasion of Iraq, and it annoys me to no end that he labels himself a "fiscal conservative" about all things *not* related to the mlitary. But I enjoy his commentary on almost everything else.