Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Home State Lives to Fight Another Day

Well, nearly.

California's Assembly passed a budget after 45.5 hours of wrangling. The cost to the tax payer: open primaries. If you thought the governor's race was wild...

Did Reagan cast a spell on my fellow Native Suns? The tax-phobic--and I mean phobic in the sense that despite all rational arguments to the contrary, these people have never seen a tax they could tolerate--have sold the seventh largest economy in the world down the river ever since 1978 and Prop. 13.

My father was a teacher in the California school system for nearly 20 years, and my sister and I are beneficiaries of university and community college system. Schools there have not been the same since the early 80s. The selfishness makes me want to scream.

I wish Governor Baldacci had taken a trip or two to California before he tried to balance Maine's budget on the schools' backs.

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