Saturday, January 24, 2009

President Obama Beautifully Slaps Limbaugh and the GOP

If I had my druthers I would probably flog a diary a day from DailyKos. Today, I give in to the urge. (Translation: the house is a mess and I should be vacuuming.)

Here is a piece noting President Obama's--it feels so good writing that--recent advice to the GOP to stop listening to Rush Limbaugh if they want to "get anything done." What I love is that this suggestion has the excellent quality of insulting both Limbaugh and the Republican Leadership, as noted by Kos poster freelunch.

Another smart commenter asked who supports Limbaugh and in an effort to turn the diary into one of action, I linked to another Kos diary with a reasonably updated list of sponsors. A few months ago, when I tried to get the list of local advertisers from Portland's WGAN560, our local Limbaugh station, I was quizzed about my motives as if I were one of bin Laden's lackies.

Sadly, I simply have not been able to bring myself to listen for more than a moment or two, even in the name of gathering intelligence for a letter-writing campaign.

We have got to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. Now.


Ted said...

WTF, at least El Rushbo is constitutionally qualified to be President!

snoozetska said...

Ah, a Kool-Aid drinker in the flesh. Welcome, Ted. Pull up a chair. Have a canape.

Come by anytime. Glad to have you.