Thursday, September 11, 2008

Susan Collins, Ugh 2.0

Only seem to have time for video posting lately. Luckily there are some good ones around. It's an uphill battle to get Tom Allen into the Senate. Dems are voting for Collins in droves according to my unscientific poll as a phonebanker. Last night I noticed a slight shift toward Allen, though. Maybe this ad will help.


Thomas Maher said...

I have been doing phone banking for Obama and Allen in Maine. Even many of the strong Obama supporters are thinking or leaning Collins. The hopeful thing is that once engaged in conversation and presented with the facts many of these barely Collins voters have willingly switched to Allen. We need to keep bringing out the facts to Mainers that Collins really has very little pull and will have even less with a Democratic president.

Alna Dem said...

Me too - a discouraged Democratic phone banker, that is. But just last week, after the financial crash, I detected a tiny move toward Allen. Especially, surprisingly, in the 2nd CD.

My hope is that Republican turnout is SO surpressed, due to demoralization, that our superior ground game takes Tom over the top.

But since I'm part of the vaunted ground game, and they're meeting in my house arguing over turf n' tactics right now, I'm less than sanguine.