Thursday, August 21, 2008

Recreation Central; the Real McCain

These are the last days of Eli's summer with me before we re-enter the school treadmill--insert long story of domestic violence, Maine family court, incompetent guardians ad litem, etc.--so am in major recreation mode. We're headed to Alna Dem's house for kayaking and swimming today and to the beach with Andrea and her children. (Yes, all my friends are bloggers.)
I plan, when I get back to the business of blogging, to write about Damariscotta's Miles Memorial Hospital bucking the trend shown in a new national study that says only 36 percent of women who start breastfeeding their babies are still doing so six months later. The numbers for exclusive b'feeding are even worse.
Mike and I are looking at CSA vs. grocery store numbers for a story on the local effects of high food prices. We also would like to show exactly how the attempt at a "People's Veto" of the latest effort to fund Dirigo Health Care is actually a corporate veto. Wouldn't it be rich if Anthem were funding it?
'Til we get rolling again, watch this latest filmmaker Robert Greenwald--of Outfoxed fame--video. It's especially poignant in light of McCain's statement this week that he didn't know exactly how many homes he owned. Yo John! You own 10 homes. That's 10 more than the tens of thousands of people losing their homes because of immoral, unethical banking practices brought to you by Republican-blessed, corporate lobbyist-driven deregulation.
Eli and I are Oscar Mike.
[Post swim and kayak update: McCainÅ› people say he can´t remember how many houses he has because he was a prisoner of war.]


Mike said...

Who is Oscar? Does he work for you?

snoozetska said...

Nope. Did you watch the video? Now McCainÅ› spokesman says McCain can´t remember how many house he owns because he was a POW and lived in the ¨same house for five and a half years.¨ Good grief.

Alna Dem said...

well i got other friends but all my best friends are bloggers.

swam in the river again today, oh boy!

snoozetska said...

The swimming at Pemaquid was good. The river is better. Good on you, Alna Dem.